welcome to The Little Yoga Room

The Little Yoga Room is a space where the sacred art of Yoga is practiced and taught.

The Little Yoga Room holds a freedom from discrimination theory. Within the walls of The Little Yoga Room the only laws that exist are yogic; everyone is equal, everyone is safe, and everyone is necessary.

The Little Yoga Room birthed from a dream born in 1992 with one yoga class. A dream founder Kara Thorsen, worked towards for 11 years. Yoga is ironic in its ability to make one tire of the obstacles life presents but never give up on the practice as it meets each one and over comes.

Kara Thorsen has had a yoga practice since 1992 and strictly Iyengar method from 2000. She chose Iyengar Yoga, or more precisely, it chose her, due to the detailed arrangement of the body and mind.

We can let go to hold on and hold on to let go. Yoga leaves nothing untouched.

You are invited to come and experience how yoga can transform one’s self through the knowledge of one’s self.

Iyengar yoga beginner class
Kara Thorsen
  • Kara is an excellent teacher who is always warm and welcoming. She is extremely knowledgeable in her practice which most certainly comes from her years of dedicated training. As a student in her class, you will learn to appreciate the fullness of the Iyengar yoga practice which is not just a feat of physical exertion, but indeed, a philosophy.



  • Since groups are small in The Little Yoga Room, it feels very safe to practise, you know Kara’s eyes are on you in every move, so you can’t do positions wrong and get hurt, also you learn way faster then any other place, since she is correcting and encouraging you always when you needed it.



  • No matter how tired, stressed, or cranky I am when I walk into a class at The Little Yoga Room, I never fail to leave completely relaxed and at peace. For me, the studio is a true outlet to release my tensions, and to strengthen my body and spirit. The classes are intimate and Kara is excellent at identifying each person’s individual strengths and challenges, and at working to develop them. The course levels have allowed me to develop my practice at the right pace, by mastering each element before moving to the next. I have seen my capabilities evolve greatly over my time at the studio, and have no doubt that this has been due to the personal attention and care I have received. The people in the classes are also an absolute blast, and I always look forward to the 5-10 minutes of chatting before and after class. Overall, I would recommend The Little Yoga Room to anyone who wants to learn, grow, and have fun while doing it. I know I have accomplished all three…



  • learn to appreciate the fullness
  • Learn way faster
  • No matter how tired, stressed, or cranky

Why Yoga the  Iyengar Way ?

Iyengar Yoga classes are taught through silent demo’s, verbal walk through of the demo and verbal cuing through out the practice of the asana. The minimum training for an Iyengar Yoga teacher is an intense 2 year teacher training for an introductory certification. It can be up to another 10 years of intensive training for senior and therapeutic levels of teaching.

The attention on alignment and precision brings us a new look at skill in action, providing us the opportunity to go within and discover the edges that need softening and the softness that desires stability.

WE LEARN, WE ACT, WE BECOME. We discover the most import part of ourselves, the ability to live life on our own terms enabling us to see the true beauty all around us.

Iyengar Yoga certified teacher